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She looks dumb as hell

it’s more embarrassing that they’re still together

why do they look so happy to be there? they standing out in the mall with big ass grins on their faces like “haha aren’t we a cute couple? this is the third time my boyfriend fucked another girl so i had to get creative with the punishments.” she’s dating a dude who not only cheated on her but has the worst taste in shoes of any human being to ever live

What a punishment, it kinda looks like he is smiling going like ‘This is my “punishment” more like I keep getting away with it’

I am honestly appalled that you’re all vilifying HER, the victim of the situation, without knowing anything about these people beyond this picture. No, I’d never do what she did (mostly because I’m aromantic, but you know), but perhaps she genuinely really loved him and wanted to make things work out between them, so she made light of a painful situation (which maybe happened lots of times before, or maybe happened after they went through a rough patch after being faithful to one another for a year or more, we have no idea) in order to cope with that. I call that generous and optimistic, not dumb. What I do call dumb is shitting on a young woman because her boyfriend was unfaithful to her.

yup he was the one who cheated and SHE’S the dumb one??

…. aaaaaand they say there’s no need for feminism anymore.

Yes, she is dumb. Why? Because if you get bitten by a fucking animal, you don’t go close to it again.
Same shit, she got fucked over and yet she’s still going back.

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